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We’re working with Dress for Success to help women who are desperately searching for jobs get the professional clothes and support they need to land one — and keep it. Because we believe all women deserve a chance to succeed in life, love and the pursuit of whatever-they-dream. Don’t you?
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For a woman in need, a job can make a world of difference. That's why we're partnering with Dress for Success®, to offer support through the donation of 50,000 bras.
What makes the difference?

#LiftTOUR - See how the bus was made
Last year Vanity Fair launched the #LiftTOUR, a nationwide bus tour to help women find their perfect fit and lift women in need to a brighter future. With help from Women Who Do all across the nation, we were able to donate over 5,000 brand new bras to Dress for Success®. This year, we're continuing that partnership, and we've got even bigger plans.

The good I’m going to do is going to be explosive.
— Belinda
Meet Belinda - Dress for Success<sup>®</sup>

Meet Joi - Dress for Success<sup>®</sup>
When we know her clothes fit, she will stand taller, she’ll look better and she’ll be more confident. It’s a great partnership between Dress for Success and Vanity Fair.
— Joi