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Leanne Morgan
At Vanity Fair, our support doesn’t stop at bras. That’s why we’ve partnered with comedian Leanne Morgan on her Just Getting Started tour to support women across the country who are just getting started themselves.

As part of our support, we launched the Vanity Fair Lingerie Support Award program. We’re awarding five women $5,000 each to help them start something new. Meet our winners below!
Meet Kylie Clark
"My son, Red, was born with bilateral clubfeet and began corrective treatment at 4 weeks old. I quickly realized the need for more functional clothing options for these little babies. When it comes to accomplishing your dreams, everyone starts somewhere, but the important part is just to START."
-Kylie Clark, Chasing Red Clothing Co.
Vanity Fair Lingerie Support Award Winner
Meet Teresa Martin
"I didn't get my Culinary degree until my daughter was in college herself. I know we all have our families, kids, jobs, and other obligations, we put our hopes, dreams, and passions on the back burner. While watching others do what we wish we could do; I want to encourage you to write the book, open the restaurant, and go after what you want the world to know about you."
-Teresa Martin, Certified Chef
Vanity Fair Lingerie Support Award Winner

Meet Tracy Beavers

"I want other women to hear my story and realize that they can do what I have done. They can ask themselves what do I want? They can design a life that they love. They can forge their own path as an entrepreneur and have massive success just like me. If I can do it, they can too."
-Tracy Beavers, Business/Sales Coach
Vanity Fair Lingerie Support Award Winner