Today there are many bra options. Gone are the days of having to choose between underwire support versus wireless comfort. There are underwire bras that are comfortable and there are wireless bras that are supportive. It is possible, even practical, to have both underwire and wireless bras in your lingerie drawer, just like you have both heels and flats in your closet. You can wear and love underwire and wireless styles.

beauty back underwire

Underwire bras provide support because the wire is a “frame” that goes under your breast. If the wire fits correctly (outside of breast tissue), the band is snug and anchors (not too tight, not too loose), and the cup encompasses breast tissue (no gapping, no spilling), the underwire bra will be supportive and comfortable. The wire will not dig or poke. Discomfort, broken wires, and bowing in the center indicate the underwire bra does not fit. A great fit is imperative for the comfort of an underwire bra.

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Conversely, wireless bras automatically imply comfort because there is no ill-fitting wire to dig into your ribcage or poke your side. There is no worry about the wire being on breast tissue, so there is more leeway with cup size. Wireless bras can also provide support, though, when the side and band fits well (snug, wider for more support and smoothing) and when the cup encompasses breast tissue (no gapping, no spilling). The wireless bra is supportive when there is separation between the cups, no “uni-boob,” and when your bust is half-way between your elbow and shoulder, in profile.

beauty back simple sizing

Support and comfort, in both underwire and wireless bras, is also affected by fabrication. Stronger fabrics hold more and provide more support. Soft, stretchy fabrics are more relaxed and feel comfy. Underwire and wireless styles are available in a variety of these fabrications.

Underwire and wireless options can also be found in a multitude of styles: T-shirt, non-padded, racerback, strapless, sports, etc. Underwire wearers will love a wireless bra that is comfortable for lounging around the house but is also supportive enough to wear on a run to the store. Wireless wearers will love an underwire bra that provides support to look “extra nice” in your gorgeous dress but is also comfortable enough to wear all evening. Support and comfort are not limited or defined by underwire or wireless bras. You deserve support and comfort and can get both with an underwire and a wireless bra. Get ready to make room in your lingerie drawer…