Vanity Fair Fit Experts recommend that you own at least 7 bras - one for every day of the week. To extend the life cycle of your bras you should rotate the bras you wear. You should not wear the same bra two days in a row because it will lose its firmness - your bra needs time to refresh and rebound. A good rule of thumb is to wear it, rest it, wear it, wash it.

You should also have the right bras in your bra wardrobe for all your different outfits - different outfits call for different bras. Styles you may need to make your clothing look its very best include the below.




Push Up




Bra Wardrobing Tip: The color closest to your skin tone looks best under white or sheer clothing.

Consult a Fit Expert, take our Fit Quiz or use our size charts to find your perfect bra