As our lives change, so do our bodies. As a result, our bra fit also changes. Having a consultation with a professional bra fitter is the best way to ensure you are wearing a bra that not only helps you look your best, but also feels great. A properly fitted bra should be both comfortable and supportive.

If you are having any of the issues below, it is time to schedule a bra fit consultation.

My Bra is Uncomfortable

The wrong band size is most often the cause of an uncomfortable bra. The band anchors the bra to the body to provide support. In a well-fitting bra, you should be able to slide the straps just off the shoulders and the band should stay in place; if it doesn't, the band is too big. Finding the correct band size is crucial to finding the right fit. Check out our Bra Fit Guide | Vanity Fair Lingerie or follow these bra fit tips:

  • The band should be straight and parallel to the floor. It should feel snug but not tight.
  • When you raise your arms or drop the straps from your shoulders, the band should stay in place.
  • When you purchase a bra, the correct fit for the band should be on the middle hook or the loosest hook. This gives you room to adjust with slight weight fluctuation and as the bra ages and loses its elasticity.
  • If the band rides up, go down a band size.
  • If the band is uncomfortably tight, go up a band size.

My Bra is Causing Back Bulge or Back Fat

A band that is too narrow can cause an unattractive bulge under your clothing. A narrow band, even if the correct length, can feel tight like a rubber band. A wider band can be more comfortable and help smooth back and sides. To put an end to back bulges and back fat, we recommend one of our best-selling back-smoothing bras.

Full Coverage: Beauty Back Underwire or Wireless.

Full-Figure: Beauty Back Underwire or Wireless.

Not sure if Full Coverage or Full Figure is right for you? Check out our Bra Fit Guide | Vanity Fair Lingerie.

model wearing a gel touch push up bra


A painful underwire is often caused by a bra band that is too large. A band that is too large won't anchor to the body and provide the needed support. This allows gravity to take over. With an unsupported underwire, the weight of your breasts will pull the bra down in front, which will cause the underwire to be pushed into your breast tissue or underarms. This results in pain and broken underwires. If your bra band rides up, go down a band size. It will be more comfortable because the wire won't move around on the body. If you're not a fan of underwires, you can still get great support in one of our many wireless styles. Our newest best-seller, the Beyond Comfort Simple Sizing Wireless Bra provides support and comfort.


If your breasts are spilling out of the cups (top or sides) you may need a larger cup size and/or more cup coverage. If you are currently wearing an "Average Fit" bra, it may be time to try a bra that offers more cup coverage. Vanity Fair offers a wide range of Full Coverage and Full Figure bras designed to fully contain breast tissue, preventing breasts from spilling out of the cups along the neckline and underarm. You may want to also consider bras that offer extra side coverage and smoothing. We recommend Vanity Fair's Beauty Back Wireless Extended Side and Back Smoother Full Coverage or Full Figure.

model wearing beyond comfort bra


Your breasts should fill the cups. If there is gaping, wrinkling, or dimpling, you may need a different style or a smaller cup size. Additionally, if your breasts fall to the bottom of the cups leaving the top of the cups empty, you may need a bra with a little push padding or extra shaping. Try Vanity Fair’s EGO BOOST Push Up Underwire Bra or Illumination Zoned In Support Full-Figure Underwire .


Sometimes you may just need to adjust your straps to a tighter position to get them to stay in place. If tightening your bra straps doesn't help, you may want to consider a different bra style.

  • Leotard or U-back: These bras have straps that are set towards the middle of the back, which helps keep them in place. Most Vanity Fair bras have a Leotard or U-back. One fantastic option is Vanity Fair's Beauty Back Full-Figure Front Close Underwire
  •  Racerback: Straps cross each other or meet in a "T" shape across the back. Vanity Fair's Illumination Full Coverage Underwire has straps that convert to a Racerback with unlimited adjustment.
  • Bras with unlimited strap adjustment: Don't buy a bra if the strap adjustment is starting out at its tightest; there will be no way to adjust as the garment ages and loses its elasticity. Great options from Vanity Fair with unlimited strap adjustment include our Full Coverage Beauty Back Underwire or Wireless.
Beauty Back® Non-padded bra


Remember, the band provides the support, not the straps. Straps that dig into the shoulders are most often caused by a band that is too big or that has stretched out and is no longer able to provide the support you need. You should be able to slide the straps just off the shoulders and the band should stay in place; if not the band is too big. Full bust sizes may also want to try wider straps or padded straps for more comfort. We recommend Vanity Fair's Beyond Comfort Full-Figure Wireless Bra with wide plush straps.

A Vanity Fair Fit Expert can help find your size and best fit, ensuring that you are comfortable and look great in your bra. You can have both! During your fitting, our expert will suggest styles that work best for your body type and lifestyle as well as answer any questions you may have about how to build a complete bra wardrobe. 


Bra Wardrobing Tip: The most important accessory you can buy for a new outfit is a properly fitted bra.

Consult a Fit Expert, take our Fit Quiz or use our size charts to find your perfect bra.