The most important accessory you can buy for a new outfit is a properly fitted bra. Buying a bra is similar to buying shoes. There is a perfect fit, not a perfect size. You can’t always go up or down in size to make a bra fit. Sometimes you need to try a different style. Different bra styles vary in fit, and everybody is not the same. Each new bra style should be tried on to ensure a proper fit.

From the side, breasts should rest halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. When buying a new bra choose one that fits on the middle hook or the loosest hook. This allows for adjustment as the bra ages and if you experience minor weight fluctuation.

Never buy a bra if the strap adjustment is starting out at its tightest, there will be no way to adjust as the garment ages and loses its elasticity.

Molded contour padded cups do not add size, but they do provide a modesty lining, a smooth look under clothing and an even breast size appearance.

The color closest to your skin tone looks best under white or sheer clothing.

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